4 proofs that the war in Ukraine can turn into a World War and one piece of advice on how to avoid it
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The war in Ukraine follows the scenario of the Second World War. And Russian President Vladimir repeats step by step the actions of Hitler, which drew the world into the bloodiest years of human existence.

Like Hitler, Putin has long prepared his country for a big war, increased military power, neglected and continue to neglect international agreements, and destroys the opposition and free media.

Hitler had Austria, the Czech Republic, and Poland. Putin has the Republic of Ichkeria, Georgia, and now Ukraine.

In trying to make another deal with the tyrant, hoping that the monster can be spoken to in human language and agreed, Europe and the world are simply turning a blind eye to the global threat posed by Putin.

In 1939, in front of the whole silent and inactive world, Hitler tore Poland apart, and this was the last step towards a war that cost millions of lives. Putin's cynical attack on Ukraine in 2022 is also the final step towards a big war.

We compared the regimes of Putin and Hitler and were impressed by the number of coincidences.

We give them for one purpose. In 1939, the world failed to recognize and stop Hitler in time. Does the world need millions of victims again? Do we need to pay that price again?

Maybe if the new tyrant follows the old path, we have a chance to knock him off his feet at one of the twists and turns of history?

Let us not allow the word NEVER to disappear from the call EVER AGAIN.

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Proof №1
The path to aggression
Restoration of the army
Adolf Hitler
Contrary to the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler increased and modernized his army and put the economy on a military footing. [1]

On the eve of World War II, Wehrmacht had about 3 million people.
Vladimir Putin
Putin's Russia has violated [2] the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, which limited the size of the Russian Armed Forces. "Rebuilding the Army" is Putin's main slogan. On the eve of the invasion of Ukraine, there was more than 3 million military personnel. [3]
Adolf Hitler
Against the background of the loss of territories after the defeat in the First World War, unbearable reparations, and impoverishment, Hitler promises to restore the greatness of Germany, to return "its property." The concept of an external enemy (all are against us) and the search for the enemy in the middle ("Strike in the back") emerged.
Vladimir Putin
The collapse of the USSR, the loss of control over the socialist countries of Europe and the allied republics, the expansion of the NATO bloc, and, most importantly, poverty and lack of prospects for ordinary Russians, are ideal grounds for revanchism: "The world is against us, and we can repeat."
Peacemaker Mask
Adolf Hitler
Under the guise of German reunification, the Anschluss of Austria took place without a single shot.

Germany arranged riots in Czechoslovakia and officially introduced "peacekeeping" troops in the Sudetenland after a series of ultimatums. [4] The reason was the protection of Germans suffering from oppression.

For the world, Hitler acted as a "peacemaker." Germany was holding large-scale Olympic Games, during which anti-Semitic posters were removed from the streets. Hitler became the man of the year according to Time. [7]

Poland was next. Provocateurs staged riots and clashed between the German and Polish populations. The Polish authorities were forced to react. Blood spilled.

The victims of the so-called "Bloody Sunday" [8] were presented by propaganda as the outcome of the actions of the "nationalist Polish regime."

Vladimir Putin
Taking advantage of the events of the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine and the betrayal of President Yanukovych, the Kremlin held a fake referendum [5] and annexed to Russia the Ukrainian Crimea [6] - "originally Russian land."

Under the guise of protecting the Russian-speaking population, Putin's militants were seizing several administrations in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. [9] With the help of the Russian military, pseudo-republics were created on the territory of sovereign Ukraine. [10]

Russia was acting under the guise of a peacemaker who "protected" the Russian-speaking civilian population.

Putin held the Olympics in Sochi, [11] which promoted Russia as a modern, peaceful and hospitable country.

Clashes between pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces provoked by Russian agents led to the Odesa tragedy and a fire in the Trade Union House. [12] Russian propaganda actively used tragic events as "evidence of atrocities" by Ukrainian nationalists.

Repression and control of the media
Adolf Hitler
Destruction of the opposition press [25], punishment for access to foreign media.

Mass book-burning, [26] repression against the opposition, hysteria against sexual minorities, and "degenerate" art. [27] Destruction of opposition parties. Creating a cult of personality.

Mass actions with the involvement of young people. [28]

Introduction of a recognizable symbol - a swastika.
Vladimir Putin
The killing of awkward journalists [29], shooting and poisoning of opponents, labeling a "foreign agent" [30], destroying the free press, 15 years for "slandering the Russian army" [31], actions against "blasphemous" art and sexual minorities, blocking Internet resources and social networks…

Mass actions to support the regime with the involvement of state employees 📽.

Mass support for Putin among the population.

Creation of a new militant symbol Z. [32]
New times - old tricks
Provocation as a reception
Adolf Hitler
German soldiers [33] disguised in Polish uniforms seized a German radio station in neutral territory. [13] This operation prompted the German army to invade Poland under the guise of disarming and demilitarizing "aggressive" Poland.
Vladimir Putin
Hybrid warfare tactics. Propaganda statements about the military threat from Ukraine, the accumulation of Russian troops at the border, the organization of a false evacuation, shelling of the DPR and LPR [34], followed by accusations of Ukraine, invasion under the guise of a "special operation" for disarmament and demilitarization.
Adolf Hitler's speech on September 1, 1939 and two speeches by Vladimir Putin on February 22 and 24, 2022.
This is not a coincidence.
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Proof №2
Bombs at 4 a.m.
The beginning of the treacherous war
Early in the morning...
On June 22, 1941, without declaring war Hitler's Germany attacked the USSR at 4 a.m. Similarly, at 4 a.m., without declaring war, Putin's Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

The first Nazi attack involved more than 1,000 bombers who struck airfields, railway stations, naval bases, and cities. The Russian military has also launched missile and air strikes on airports, military bases, and civilian Ukrainian towns.
The enemy is back...
The plan to attack the USSR was called Operation Barbarossa. He envisioned a simultaneous offensive in several directions and aimed to capture the capital. The offensive involved about 3.8 million German troops, thousands of tanks, and planes moving across Eastern Europe, from the Gulf of Finland to the Black Sea.

Russia attacked Ukraine immediately from several directions [35] - directly from Russia, Belarus, and the occupied Crimea and the Black Sea. The armed formations of the so-called republics, created with the support of Russia in some districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, also attacked. In addition, airborne troops and marines of the Russian Armed Forces landed in some oblasts of Ukraine. The goal was a quick capture of Kyiv.

Operation Barbarossa was a plan of a quick war. It was designed for 2-2.5 months and based on the better technical equipment of German troops, including armored vehicles and tanks.

According to state media reports, the plan of the so-called "Special Military Operation" of Russia against Ukraine was designed for 3-7 days. [36] Russia's military-political leadership thought that the Russian army, being bigger and better equipped with tanks and aircraft, could capture the biggest cities of Ukraine, occupy the south, and enter Kyiv.
Marauders don't change
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Outside and inside lies
Adolf Hitler
The war of the Third Reich with the Soviet Union was presented as an alleged liberation "from the power of commissioners and Jews."

Before World War II, the Nazi party actively used propaganda [14] to shift the blame for Germany's economic problems onto internal and external "enemies" - the Communists, the Jews, and the British.

The reason for the consolidation of power and the establishment of a de facto one-party regime was the terrorist attack - the arson of the Reichstag, [15] for which the Communists were made responsible.

Political opponents were imprisoned, killed, [16] or fled the country.
Vladimir Putin
Putin's propagandists call Russia's war against Ukraine a "special operation" [17] aimed at liberating the Ukrainian people "from the power of the Nazi junta," "liberating" Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine and protecting Russia's legitimate security interests.

For years the Putin regime has been using propaganda to fuel hatred for internal and external enemies - liberals, Ukrainians, the West, especially Britain and the United States.

A one-party and authoritarian regime in Russia began to take shape after a series of terrorist attacks [18] blaming Chechens. Instead, there is a version that the FSB was behind the explosions.

Political opponents are imprisoned, [19] killed, [20] or forced to flee Russia.
A woman is looking at a German campaign poster, occupied Ukraine
Adolf Hitler
According to the Barbarossa plan, the world map was to be changed.

On the eve of World War II, German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop concluded with the USSR the so-called Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. [21] This document divided Europe into "spheres of legitimate interests" of Germany and the USSR. In particular, the territories of the Baltic States, Poland, were divided.

Hitler did not believe that the Polish nation had the right to its state: the Poles must become a disenfranchised part of Germany.
Vladimir Putin
On the air of the central TV channels, Putin says that Ukraine, as a state, does not exist, [22] and the map of Europe must be different.

Back in 2008, Putin stated that Ukrainians do not exist as a nation, and the state of Ukraine is artificial. He has since repeatedly expressed [23] the need to protect "Russia's legitimate security interests."

He voiced the same thesis the night before the full-scale invasion [24] of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.
Adolf Hitler
Hitler's regime was characterized by slandering the enemy and demonizing the occupied nations and countries.

On the eve of World War II, a policy of racial discrimination and xenophobia, particularly against Jews, Roma, and Slavs, was actively promoted in Nazi Germany. The Jews were called a danger to the Germans and all mankind. The "Jewish" institution of democracy, individual freedoms, and individual rights were systematically destroyed. All this led to the Holocaust - the extermination of millions of Jews in concentration camps. [37]

Vladimir Putin
The official rhetoric of the Russian Federation (the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs in particular, as well as Putin and his spokesman) is a stream of infamous "fakes" about "Nazis in the maternity hospital" [38], etc.

Russian propagandists have been actively demonizing Ukrainians for many years, calling Nazis all those who speak Ukrainian and are patriots of their country. And as Putin personally said, the so-called "denazification"[39], which is the destruction of Ukraine's national identity [40], was one of the main goals of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
Adolf Hitler
During World War II, Hitler's Germany actively used psychological pressure. Leaflets calling for surrender, arresting commanders, and ending resistance were dropped from planes. In return, the Nazis promised to stop fighting and bombing cities.

Hitler positioned himself and his army of invaders as liberators. And he expected the corresponding attitude from the local population.
Vladimir Putin
Even during his speech before the invasion, Putin urged Ukrainians not to resist Russian troops. He offered the Ukrainian armed forces to lay down their arms, and the civilians not to resist 📸.. Because, as he said, the purpose of the invasion was only the destruction of the so-called "Nazi" formations in Ukraine. In practice, the Russian military was shelling residential neighborhoods [41] and civilian facilities [42], including power plants, nuclear power plants [43], schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and even maternity hospitals. [44]

After the failure of the blitzkrieg, Putin again appealed to the Armed Forces with a proposal to seize power [45] in Ukraine. "It's easier to negotiate with the military," he said.
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Violating all the war rules
From the first days of Russia's war against Ukraine, the enemy has been actively using the tactics of terror and genocide of civilians.

Strikes are targeted at schools, kindergartens, hospitals, residential areas, and refugee columns.

Strikes aim to destroy infrastructure and deplete civilians.
Adolf Hitler
Strikes aim to destroy infrastructure and deplete civilians.
Vladimir Putin
Disruption of agreements on green corridors [46], violation of the silence regime, shooting of civilians [47] and evacuation trains and columns. [48]
Adolf Hitler
Use of cannon fodder from pre-occupied territories and allies. [49]
Vladimir Putin
Use of military groups from Chechnya [50], Crimea, and the "temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine."
Adolf Hitler
The presence of punitive detachments.
Vladimir Putin
The use of "Kadyrov's followers" as barrier troops. [52]
Adolf Hitler
The blockade and seizure of peaceful cities, in particular - the blockade of Leningrad. [54]
Vladimir Putin
Blockade of civilians in occupied cities. Arrangement of a humanitarian catastrophe. [55] Destruction of civilian infrastructure. [56]
Adolf Hitler
Use of gas and bacteriological weapons against prisoners in concentration camps.
Vladimir Putin
The use of prohibited weapons against civilians: cluster [57], so-called vacuum [58], phosphorus ammunition. [59]
...and many others
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Russia's war against Ukraine is a war for the whole of Europe. For the whole civilized world. It is a war of values. The war of the future progresses with the medieval past. The war of democracy against tyranny. Putin understands this perfectly well and does not intend to stop. His next target will be Poland, the Baltic states, or even Germany.

If Ukraine falls, the Russian army will be on the threshold of Europe.

Should we wait and see this while Russia, like Hitler's Germany, destroys European democracies one by one?

If not to stop Putin in Ukraine, the war will embrace European countries. Yes, the coalition of Western states is imposing sanctions. The wealth of Russia's elites is melting, wallets of Russians are shrinking. But Russia still has an army with which Putin will still try to achieve his goal of conquering Europe. Which again leads to millions of victims, the destruction of European cities, and decades of recovery.

So, Putin must be stopped. The Russian army must be stopped in Ukraine and return to its territory.

Let's end Putin's war as soon as possible. Let's save the world from World War III. Together. Never again.

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